We Are IT Up.
IT Up is a startup training company which believes OutSystems provides the world’s leading Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform for the enterprise. IT Up is dedicated to OutSystems Platform technology. Besides training services, IT Up links the training services with people capacity services.
IT Up embraces the OutSystems Values and is LEAN all the way. Our founders have 15+ years of IT experience. One is a former Services Manager with 10+ years at OutSystems. The other is former Técnico / INESC-ID teacher and researcher with 10+ years of experience teaching computer science.
_Our Vision
Be the leader creating highly qualified OutSystems Professionals
_Our Mission
Solve the problem of lack of OutSystems developers in the market
_We embrace the OutSystems Values and are LEAN all the way.
Lean, avoid any kind of waste. Ask Why, you are entitled to know why you are doing something. The Small Crisis, deal with the crisis while it is small. Challenge The Status Quo, be proactive. Be Helpful, and don't be afraid to ask for help. 80/20, prioritize, always. Communicate To Be Understood, be straightforward. Put yourself in another's shoes. Excel, whatever you do, do it well. Avoid sloppy, incomplete work.
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