Luís Campos
CEO & Founder
Software Engineer  with 15 years of IT experience. Former OutSystems Manager with 10+ years OutSystems.
Jorge Martins
CTO & Founder
Software Engineer with 15+ years of IT experience. Former Técnico teacher and INESC-ID researcher with 10+ years of experience teaching computer science.
Sofia Pereira
Soft Skills Trainer
Psychologist with 15+ years experience. Freelance trainer with 10+ years experience training behaviors and soft skills.
José Costa
Software Engineer with 20+ years experience. Former INESC-ID researcher with 15+ years experience teaching computer science.
Ana Reis
Delivery Manager with 8+ years experience. Manager and Developer with 8+ years experience in OutSystems.
Eduardo Jauch
Engineer with 20+ years experience as Software Developer. Researcher at Técnico with 7+ years experience.
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