The Evening Up Program is an innovative and ambitious program designed for the setup and qualification of outstanding professionals in OutSystems Platform, providing them with the skills needed to design, develop and test web and mobile web applications using the OutSystems Platform, promoting coordination and teamwork.
This program is delivered in part-time and It is a very thorough and practical training of the OutSystems Core functionalities. It has an updated curriculum that promotes, on the one hand, a transversal and comprehensive understanding of how to to develop with the OutSystems Platform, but also enhances the expertise in the various areas of intervention, through challenges and related workshops.
The program will improve the OutSystems Developer Online Class experience with live instruction 3 nights per week and on Saturday morning to help you to meet great results.
With the OutSystems Evening Up program, candidates will master OutSystems Core features and will be ready to enter in the OutSystems market.
The training methodology we follow is aimed at developing skills through their practical application, based on four vectors of learning practical, theoretical, technical and technological by focusing on an interdisciplinary approach of the various aspects of OutSystems Programming and Soft Skills.

The OutSystems Evening Up program is designed for developers with experience in different technologies who have a full time job but want to become OutSystems professionals.
The OutSystems Evening program has two assessments to ensure the OutSystems Associate Developer Certification Success (Exam Included).
Programming experience in different technologies like Java, .NET, other and database/SQL knowledge like SQL Server, Oracle, other.
What we do
OutSystems Development Foundations
OutSystems Development Consolidation
OutSystems Development Foundations
The OutSystems Development Foundation module is a more theoretical one where OutSystems Development Core features. This module will be supported by the OutSystems Developer Online Class with several tasks to be done in self-study and a trainer available in the classes to help and support participants. In the end of the module a technical assessment is performed.
OutSystems Development:
● Data modeling (Entities, attributes, data-types and default values, Calculated attributes, Bootstrapping from Excel, Relationships and the delete rule, Lookup tables, Aggregate data, SQL queries)
● Forms & Validation (Form’s implicit variable and field variables, Input fields, Checkboxes & radio buttons, Combo boxes and source entities, Preparation & Screen Actions, Server-side validations, Client-side validations, Custom server-side validations)
● Application Logic (User Actions & Functions, Entity Actions, Input & Output, Parameters, Collection iteration)
● Customize the Look (Layouts & the Grid, Themes, built-in styles, Style redefinition & CSS hierarchy)
● Page Elements (Web blocks, Web block preparation, Web block styles)
● Asynchronous requests (Ajax submit, Refreshing page elements, Refreshing data, Updating displayed lists, Events)
● UI Patterns (Feedback messages, Pagination, Filters and Sorting of tables, Pop-ups, Charts)
● Security (Users, Roles & Groups, User Management, Restrict access to pages, Custom security checks)
- Exam (requires a score of 70 percent or higher)
- Attitude during training
Understanding of OutSystems Core features (Associate Developer Certification ready)
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