The Mobile Up Program is an innovative and ambitious program designed for the preparation and qualification of outstanding professionals in Mobile features of OutSystems, providing them with the skills needed to design, develop and test mobile applications using the OutSystems 10, promoting coordination and teamwork.
It is a very thorough and practical training of the OutSystems Mobile functionalities. It has an updated curriculum that promotes, on the one hand, a transversal and comprehensive understanding of how to to develop with the  OutSystems 10.
The program is split in two major modules, OutSystems Mobile Foundations and OutSystems Mobile Consolidation.
With the OutSystems Mobile Up program, trainees will master OutSystems Mobile features and will be ready to enter in a mobile project. 
The training methodology we follow is aimed at developing skills through their practical application, based on four vectors of learning practical, theoretical, technical and technological by focusing on interdisciplinary approach of the various aspects of OutSystems Programming.
The OutSystems Mobile Up program is designed for OutSystems Web developers.
The OutSystems Mobile Up program has two assessments to ensure the Understanding of OutSystems Mobile features.
A final score and an individual report will be delivered in the end of the program. 
It is determinant that the trainees be OutSystems Associate Developers or higher.
What we do
OutSystems Mobile Foundation
OutSystems Mobile Consolidation
OutSystems Mobile Foundation
The OutSystems Mobile Foundation module follows a flipped classroom approach, where OutSystems Development Core features will be taught using the OutSystems materials. A full time trainer will be on site to help and support the trainees. In the end of the module a technical assessment is performed.
OutSystems Mobile:
● What’s New in OutSystems 10
● Mobile Themes and Templates
● Mobile Programming
● UI Basics
● Mobile Apps Generation
● Local Storage Offline
● Reusable Patterns
● Charts
● Plugins
● Data Synchronization
Exam (requires a score of 70 percent or higher)
Understanding of OutSystems Mobile features
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