There is a lack of OutSystems Professionals in the Market, Turn you up and get a job in this area !
Turn Up Program is a complete training process that starts with web foundation training, followed by OutSystems training. In the end our trainees will be ready to enter in a project as OutSystems Associate Developer.
With the Turn Up program, our trainees will have training to become a Certified OutSystems Associate Developer, ready to enter in a project.
The training methodology we follow is aimed at developing skills through their practical application, based on four vectors of learning: practical, theoretical, technical and technological; and focusing on an interdisciplinary approach of the various aspects of OutSystems Programming and Soft Skills.
The Turn Up program is designed for all persons who have a logical reasoning. If you are an Engineer or a Mathematician and wants to find a job as a developer, you are an excellent candidate.
All IT Up trainees of this program will be an OutSystems Certified Professionals (Associate Developer).
What we do
Web Development Foundations
OutSystems Development Foundations
OutSystems Development Consolidation
OutSystems Development Mastering
Web Development Foundations
The Web Development Foundations module is a theoretical module following a standard class approach, where the basics of programming, web development and relational databases will be taught. A full-time trainer will be on site to help and  support the trainees. In the end of the module a technical assessment is performed.
Programming basics:
● Core elements of a program (Scalar data-types & literals, Variables & attribution, Expressions, Conditional expression,
Implicit & explicit type conversions)
● Flow of control (Conditional branching, Loops)
● Subroutines (Iteration, Recursion)
● Compound data-types (Array, Records)
● Abstract data-types (List, Stack & Set)
● Algorithms (e.g. search, sorting)

Web development:
● HTML and web pages
● Page Content & Forms
● Structuring a Web Page
● CSS (Re-defining styles, HTML classes and IDs, Selectors, Box-model, Positioning)

Relational databases:
● Relational Model (Entities & Relationships, Relational System, Primary & Alternate Keys, Foreign Keys, NULL value)
● Relational Operators (Product, Union, Intersection &Difference, Restriction, Projection, Join & Division)
● SQL (Data Retrieval, Inner Queries, Aggregate functions, Grouping, Distinct, Sorting, Joins, Updates, Transactions)

Soft Skills:
● Behaviors and values
- Exam (requires a score of 70 percent or higher)
- Attitude during training
Understanding the Basics of Programming, Web development and Relational databases
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