After one amazing year as OutSystems Global Training Partner, we are really proud of what our team has achieved and more than ready for upcoming challenges. We are in a mission of solving the lack of OutSystems professionals in the market, and not any kind of professionals. We mean outstanding talents. That’s our commitment.

«The market has evolved. It’s becoming more competitive and demanding. Companies no longer want professionals who spend the whole day programming. They want consultants who take advantage of the power of technology to add value to the business, who have a broader vision and who have soft skills related to teamwork, proactivity, communication and interpersonal relationship», highlights Luís Campos, ITUp CEO.

The numbers of last year speak for themselves: our revenue grew 50% and we trained more than 670 people – with 76% certification success and 85% of average score. At ITUp we have now 3 OutSystems MVPs and more than 20 certified OutSystems professionals, including 4 Expert Developers and 3 Support Engineers.

According to Luís Campos, «There are many companies that work exclusively with us because they know that our trainees certainly gain all the skills needed to successfully perform their job. We are very demanding throughout the process, our trainers have a huge experience and there is a strong command of technology».

During this first year of partnership, we also increased our footprint around the world with new local partners, currently, we have partners at the Netherlands, South Africa, DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Brazil and Oporto.

We also launched a new training center at Terceira Island, Azores in collaboration with Azores Regional Government. The main goal is to transform the region into a top tech hub, attracting more investment, increasing employability rate and turning up young Azoreans life.

What about the future? Well, 2019 is expected to be another awesome year, with the entrance in new markets and the achievement of 1000 trained people. And, believe us, this is only the beginning. We’ll continue to work to maintain high levels of satisfaction in our team, clients and trainees, and to deliver the best OutSystems training in the market. Stay tuned!