We know you have a lack of OutSystems Developers in your team. Have you considered taking advantage of the valuable background of your business people and convert them into OutSystems Developers? We can turn them up in weeks to boost their career, while your company gets what it takes to prosper – a win-win situation.

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From Business Managers to OutSystems Developers

OutSystems is not just about coding. It’s also about solving problems, answering the challenges of digital transformation and keeping up with the business. This is why an OutSystems Developer career is a perfect fit for Business Managers, Business Analysts and Business Developers. They understand the business and they know what it needs. And because the OutSystems developing approach is essentially visual, the learning process is intuitive and fast. At ITUp, we have a fit-to-purpose training. Therefore, it will take you only 12 weeks to solve the lack of OutSystems Developers in your team. Challenge them and count with our experience as the #1 OutSystems Global Training Partner to help you along the way.

Why an OutSystems Developer career is a perfect fit for business people?

  • They know what the business needs to prosper

  • They know what kind of processes must be optimized and automated to increase productivity and profitability

  • They know the importance of continuous innovation and agility

  • They know the importance of having a platform that accelerates solutions development and delivery to timely and cost-effectively address current and future business needs

  • The only thing they don’t know (yet) is how to develop the apps the business needs – but in 12 weeks of training this won’t stop them anymore

OutSystems low-code platform enables to create applications 600 percent faster and simpler than before. And with a business background, the chances to succeed are higher. Furthermore, OutSystems is the only platform that combines the simplicity and power of low-code development with advanced mobile capabilities, enabling visual development of entire application portfolios that easily integrate with existing systems.

With our fit-to-purpose training, your business team really can do it. Here are some facts to help you:

We recommend ITUp not only to those who want to improve, but also who need to convert their team skills. ITUp has a solution for every situation. We can now easily adapt our workforce knowledge to market demands and to our people’s vocation and goals.

Ana Rosado, AskBlue

I’m not going to lie, training is intense and demands total immersion, but in the end, it really pays-off. I’m much more motivating and have the opportunity to practice what I preach. Now I can develop the solutions that once I only idealized as the best for addressing business needs.

Paulo Zacarias, OSQuay

Learning fast and growing faster – Becoming an OutSystems Developer in a blink of an eye

Still can’t believe that it’s possible to easily convert your business people in OutSystems Developers? Even without any IT skills, if they love to use the left side of their brain and have logical reasoning, they are an excellent candidate for this career conversion. This is a really great option to take advantage of your internal resources and put them where they are most needed.

We Ramp Up your business people in 12 weeks!

Based on more than 60 years of accumulated experience with the OutSystems platform, ITUp training services are designed to create highly qualified professionals able to respond to a growing demand, over the 5 continents. We embrace the OutSystems values and LEAN all the way. We challenge ourselves to challenge you and your teams and provide quality training from basic to advanced level, ensuring a fast and fitting learning curve.

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12 weeks training program

Web Development Foundations – 2 weeks
Developing OutSystems Web Apps – 1 week
OutSystems Development Consolidation – 2 weeks
OutSystems Development Mastering – 7 weeks

Do you want to know how our training program can help you solve the lack of OutSystems Developers in your team? Count on us as your OutSystems Training Partner to convert business-oriented people.

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