Free Remote Training on the OutSystems Platform

Are you looking to change jobs and follow a techie career? Or perhaps you always wanted to learn how to code but lack the confidence to do so.

Our FREE Introductory 2-hour course to programming with the OutSystems Platform will demystify the ins and outs of this technology and demonstrate how you can quickly develop an app all by yourself.


You will be introduced to a broad overview of the OutSystems platform and learn the following along the way:

  • How to build an OutSystems application
  • Basics of Data modeling in OutSystems
  • Rapid development of screens
  • How to change different elements in OutSystems applications


  • This workshop is taken remotely
  • You will receive a link for the workshop upon enrollment
  • The workshop requires a computer and a strong internet connection

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Wednesdays Up Hosts

Join a community of over 250k of skilled OutSystems professionals who adopted the leading low-code platform, and learn how it can help you develop complex applications in a fraction of the time with one of our OutSystems Most Valuable Professionals!

Eduardo Jauch. Trainer.

Eduardo Jauch

Senior Trainer | MVP

Eduardo Jauch

Senior Trainer | OutSystems MVP

As an Electronics Technician in Brazil, learned logic and programming. Worked as an environmental researcher at IST. Changed careers in 2016, and is today an instructor both at OutSystems and ITUp.

OutSystems Profile - MVPOutSystems Profile.

Jorge Martins. CTO & Founder.

Jorge Martins

CTO & Founder | MVP

Jorge Martins

CTO & Founder | OutSystems MVP

Taught at the University of Lisbon for 13+ years and working with OutSystems since 2015. Started by developing apps but quickly moved to designing and delivering training for both OutSystems and ITUp.

OutSystems Profile - MVPOutSystems Profile.

José Costa. Trainer.

José Costa

Trainer Manager | MVP

José Costa

Trainer Manager | OutSystems MVP

PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Uni. of Lisbon and large experience teaching there, for 15+ years. Trainer at ITUp since 2016, has been teaching OutSystems all over the world.

OutSystems Profile - MVPOutSystems Profile.

Carla Santiago. Talent Manager

Carla Santiago

Wednesdays Up Host


Talent Manager & Wednesdays Up Host
Has a degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Clinical and Health Psychology, and a postgraduate course in Human Resources Management. Carla joined ITUp in 2018.